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we are absolutely convinced that if we can inspire,
motivate and engage the next generation to understand how to solve conflicts more
peacefully, the world will become a better place.


An Education initiative.

We regard ourselves as an education organization and we have identified the school and the
sports infrastructure as our main distribution channels. Through these channels we can reach
more than 97% of our main target audience that is youth between 8-18 years, teachers,
coaches and volunteers working with children and young adults.

The Nonviolence Project Uganda is a youth educational and leadership initiative with the ambition of Creating a meeting place for the next generation of leaders.  We focus on issues of Nonviolence, peace, youth participation and life skill in community development and towards a better world.

Main target audience
The programs have been constructed to inspire, motivate and engage both teachers and
students 8-18 years, to increase their knowledge of how violence emerges, why conflicts
escalate, the importance of a strong self esteem, the keys to resolve conflicts in a peaceful
way, etc. The same approach is used addressing the sports community.



Inspiring, motivating and engaging young people to make their lives and communities safer and healthier

To create a meeting place for the next generation leaders

Our approach is focused on three main initiatives: a strong Internet presence, an active presence in schools and sports clubs, and maintaining a high visibility through our unique symbol.

Each year over 2 million people worldwide lose their lives to violence. This is the leading cause of death for people aged 15 – 40. For every young person killed an estimated 40 receive injuries that require hospital treatment. Violence places a massive burden on national economies costing countries billions of dollars each year.

Violence endangers  our society.
Our youth need to be inspired to understand that there are alternatives to violence. Attitudes have to be addressed within all areas of society; the family, the school, the work environment and through personal empowerment.
Young people are often faced with violence in different shapes. A lot of this violence happens in schools or on their free time in the community. We believe that adults, teachers, sports coaches, community leaders etc, have the responsibility to create a safe and creative environment for young people. 

This is done most efficiently in collaboration with the youth. We can reduce violence with the involvement from the youth themselves. We need young leaders. They can make a difference and become important role models for change.
Teacher are one of the most important individuals in a young persons life. We want to give teachers as much support as we can in order for them to be able to deliver an inspirational violence prevention education to their students.

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