Our education content and outreach.
We are convinced that knowledge is the best weapon against violence, therefore we have developed an education library that consist of relevant subjects in order to educate the next generation within the area of non-violence. Our education programs consist of subjects like conflict management, self -esteem, the            multi cultural society, bullying, sexual harassment, drugs, how to manage anger, entrepreneurship, etc as well as simple and straight forward guides for teachers, coaches and volunteers how to manage and implement these education programs.
The Non-Violence Symbol.
Our symbol, the knotted gun is seen by approximately 300+ million people each year. It was originally created as a memorial tribute to John Lennon when he was shot and killed in New York in December, 1980. John Lennon was a strong advocate for non-violence and his music
continues to be a significant source of inspiration for people around the world, irrespective of age.
Our symbol is borderless and has no religious, nor any political connections. It reaches out to people as a piece of art and as a strong message for peace, in media, through entertainment, through the sports and in schools.

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